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Beware: 2011 Breaks iOS Alarm Functionality

Beware: 2011 Breaks iOS Alarm Functionality

January 1, 2011
The advent of 2011 is apparently as hard on our iPhones as it is on our poor hangover heads. As numerous users around the world have now discovered, the built-in iOS alarm functionality didn't support the transition to the new year and has not functioned properly this morning. It's a recurrent issue with iOS 4.0+, as you might remember a similar issue occurred during the daylight saving time change. This time however, only non-recurring alarms are affected, instead of the recurring ones. This is a huge bug, as non-recurring alarms are a very popular feature and an incredible amount of users around the world, us included, rely on it to wake up every morning. I mean, following the daylight saving change, Apple should have gotten their act together, but oh well. Nevertheless,  as discovered by Mark Gurman, the issue will apparently resolve itself on the 3rd of January. So in the meantime, you're recommended to setup all your alarms as recurring ones, at least for a couple days until further notice.

Apple has not yet commented on the issue. So I guess Steve didn't wake up this morning either... what about you?

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