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Google Competitor Blekko Gets An iPhone App

Google Competitor Blekko Gets An iPhone App

January 31, 2011
There's been a fair amount of debate lately on how full of spam Google has become. It's still the best, if not only, viable search engine at the moment, but lately some new competitors are starting to make waves; like Blekko. The new alternative search engine, allows you to create slashtags and categorize sites. It has been getting a lot of funding and press. Now, the developers have just launched an iPhone app. Called Blekko, and available for free, it allows searching the web using their search engine, consulting SEO information and even managing your slashtags. It's a first version and nowhere close to Google's mobile search app; with its incredible features like voice recognition or Goggles. Yet, if you're a Blekko enthusiast and want it on your iPhone, you now have the option. Blekko for iPhone is available free of charge, now on the App Store.

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