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The Infamous White iPhone Could Be Coming February 27th

The Infamous White iPhone Could Be Coming February 27th

January 18, 2011
Perhaps the infamous white iPhone 4 will soon become a reality.  Two reports seem to indicate the long delayed model will be arriving at the end of February. A MacRumors tipster claims the model is showing up in the Best Buy inventory database. Both 16GB and 32GB models are listed, each with a February 27th in stock date.

Meanwhile, Engadget notes the same information is showing up in the inventory system of Germany’s Vodafone. While no launch date is indicated there, a source claims it is “soon.” The white iPhone 4 was supposed to arrive last June along with the black iPhone model. However, numerous delays have raised many questions regarding whether the model would ever be released to the public. If these stories are true, the white model will arrive a little more than four months before the expected arrival of the next generation iPhone model. Therefore, its arrival might mean absolutely nothing to Apple's bottom line. What do you think? Will people buy a white iPhone 4, or wait until the iPhone 5 arrives later this year? Leave your comments below.

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