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The Number Of Apps Downloaded Each Day Reaches 30 Million

The Number Of Apps Downloaded Each Day Reaches 30 Million

January 20, 2011
How many apps have you downloaded to your iDevice? More than 10? Greater than 100? According to one analyst, the average number of apps downloaded to every iPhone/iPod touch and iPad is more than 60. According to a stunning report from Asymco, this number is growing monthly with no signs of slowing down.

Among the findings:
  • As we await the 10 billionth app downloaded sometime this month, that milestone is being reached in just 31 months. Song downloads took 67 months to reach the same mark.
  • Worldwide, 30 million apps are downloaded each day. And, this trend is increasing. These are not app updates, but rather new downloads by users.
  • The number of apps downloaded makes it increasingly unlikely a user would switch to using a mobile device with a different operating system. For example, if you’ve purchased 100 apps for your iPad, it is unlikely you’d switch to an Android tablet. Replacing those apps would be expensive.

Considering iOS apps didn't exist three years ago, these are amazing numbers.

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