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Use Precorder To Ensure You Never Miss Another Special Video Moment Again

Use Precorder To Ensure You Never Miss Another Special Video Moment Again

January 11, 2011
Have you failed to capture a special moment on video because you simply missed the record button on your iPhone?  Do you hate sitting through hours of worthless footage that you felt you just had to record so you didn't miss anything?  If you answered yes to either of those two questions, then Airship Software's first and only app, Precord, may be just what you need.  It's able to help you avoid these problems by recording up to 10 seconds of footage before you even hit the record button. The app features a large dial that allows you to choose how many seconds -- anywhere from 0 to 10 -- of pre-footage you want to record.  When you tap and hold on the dial, it expands to help you avoid hitting the record button prematurely.  When you finally start recording, the elapsed time in the corner of the screen will jump ahead to reflect your pre-recorded footage, and when finished, it will place the video in your camera roll with all of the additional footage intact.  If you never start recording, nothing is saved, so you won't have to worry about editing or deleting unwanted material. Precorder allows you to view all saved videos and share them directly from the app via email or Facebook.  It also allows you to use the iPhone 4's LED flash or front-facing camera with the tap of a button. But Precorder does have one glaring problem that's difficult to overlook.  It records video at a rather disappointing 480x360 resolution, which is a far cry from the 1,280x768 resolution that the iPhone 4's native app records at. I am not sure if this is a technical issue -- app stability or otherwise -- but hopefully the resolution can be upped at least a little bit via a future update because I really, really want to use this as my everyday video recording app. At 480x360, I just can't. If you would like to give Precorder a try, it's now available in the App Store for the introductory price of $1.99.

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