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QuickAdvice: Decim8 Your Photos - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

QuickAdvice: Decim8 Your Photos - Plus, Win A Promo Code!

January 11, 2011
Decim8 by Kris Collins icon

Decim8 ($0.99) by Kris Collins is something totally different. Flying in the face of the “retro”/”analog” iphoneography trend, this app explores a whole new digital world. Instead of making your photos look older or more filmlike, this app pixelates and decimates your photos in a bizarre, futuristic, and interesting way.

Decim8 by Kris Collins screenshot

This app is definitely not for everyone, but it has a devoted following. If you like what Decim8 did to my photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll enjoy exploring the app for yourself. If you think it’s just crazy or unnecessary, then this will not be the app for you.

Developer Kris Collins explained his intriguing app to me like this: “I think the app appeals to a lot of people like myself who have grown up in the digital era, and noticed those occasional times when the digital TV signal glitches, or your hard drive corrupts a photo, introducing strange traits that seem to carry a hi tech beauty with them. I actually had the idea for this app in a dream, when I dreamt that I was taking photos with my iPhone, and each one came out carrying strange and intriguing glitch artifacts. I began work on the app that same day. Using different philosophies for intentional data corruption, the app is able to generate surprising and interesting artifacts that don't appear any other way. Some people simply won't get it or like it, but I think there are many others like me out there... We already have a decent little community formed on Flickr, and its been amazing to see what people have come up with and to know there is a whole community of glitch enthusiasts out there.”

When you open the app, you can choose to select photos from your camera roll or take them in-app. If you take them in app, then you’ll have the choice to use front or back camera and turn the flash on/off/auto. Additionally, you’ll be able to randomize the effects. If you choose to use photos from your camera roll, you’ll need to select which effect or effects you want to apply. Each effect does something different to your photo, as you can see from my sample photos. There are seven different effects from which to choose, but nearly endless possibilities because you can mix and match multiple effects on each photo.

The developer is committed to updating regularly, and in fact has just submitted an update with a tweaked UI and another effect. We have teamed with him to offer a promo code giveaway contest. Five lucky winners will get to check out this brave new world for free. Simply comment below for your chance to win. Contest ends January 12 at 1:00 p.m. EST. Good luck!

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