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QuickAdvice: Link Faces To Your Tasks With Facetasks

QuickAdvice: Link Faces To Your Tasks With Facetasks

January 30, 2011
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facetasks ($1.99) by mobilissimo is not just another task management app for you iOS devices. It's an innovative way of linking contacts to your tasks. The app pulls names from your contact list and once it synchronizes you have the ability to assign a task to any contact. Each task has all the common features, such as description, due dates, priority, etc.

The tasks are categorized by people, and further categorized for each individual person. You also have the option of setting up notifications. Within the app you can e-mail a contact the task you have assigned to them, and the description appears in the body of the email for you.

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The app does introduce a new concept, but how useful is linking tasks to specific people? If you were in a situation were you managed a large number of people, and they each had specific tasks that you had to monitor, this could be useful. But, more realistically, for the average person who doesn’t need to keep tabs on numerous people this might not be necessary. The app might come in handy for parents of many kids; they could link the children’s activities and homework to them. But, other than those two instances, I can’t think of any other value this app might have over other task management apps.

The overall feel of the app is impressive. It operates smoothly and I have not encountered any bugs or problems. It is very simple and clean, all the features are easy to find. If you think you have a reason to organize tasks based on contacts, then I would recommend trying this app. However, if you are looking for just another task management app I would think twice about this one.

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