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QuickAdvice: Maps Whenever You Need Them With Offmaps 2

QuickAdvice: Maps Whenever You Need Them With Offmaps 2

January 21, 2011
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OffMaps 2 ($0.99) by iosphere GmbH Offmaps 2 is an interesting variation of the typical map and navigation apps we are used to seeing. Just like the Maps app that comes with our iDevices, this app has similar features for viewing maps such as pinching to zoom, using your current location etc. So, what makes this app so much better? Why spend money on an app when you already have many of these functions on your iDevice? Well, this app sets itself apart by downloading maps from the Internet (for locations you want), and it stores them on your iDevice.

This is extremely useful for those of us with non-3G iPads. Even if you have no connectivity, this app allows you to still have access to maps as well as points of interest. If you are not impressed yet, you should be. This is an incredibly clever idea, the map app that Apple provides requires an Internet connection to show any maps at all. Therefore, in situations were you might not have any Internet connection, and need access to a map, this would be the app to turn to. Additionally, the number of maps available is extremely impressive. Currently, there are maps available for larger cities and popular tourist spots throughout the world. Chances are good that you will find a map for an area you are visiting or live in.

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When you first open the app, a little pop-up greets you and points you to the “store.” From there you can browse a list of maps depending on what part of the world you are in. To download a map you do need an Internet connection, so the offline functionality of this app is only useful if you download the maps beforehand. That is very important considering that you do not want to rely on using this app in the middle of nowhere thinking it works offline, and then be stranded. Two maps are included with the purchase of the app. Additional maps can be purchased at a price of $.99 for three ($.33 each).

The app also offers cool features such as the points of interest wheel. While viewing maps the wheel gives access to information on where to find nearby restaurants, gas, medical, alcohol, shopping, tourist attractions, sports, and a few more. You can also bookmark specific locations for your convenience.

OffMaps 2 by iosphere GmbH screenshot

The last neat feature this app has is built-in Wikipedia. When you download maps for an area, Wiki information (if available) will download with it. This could include text and pictures on a specific place or location.

Overall the practicality and functionality of this app make it well worth the initial $.99 price. The additional maps are also reasonably priced at just $.99 for three.

OffMaps 2 is available in the App Store.

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