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QuickAdvice: Get Gorgeous And Minimal To-Do Management With Task Eater

QuickAdvice: Get Gorgeous And Minimal To-Do Management With Task Eater

January 30, 2011
Task Eater by Tobias Wiedenmann icon

Task Eater ($0.99) by Tobias Wiedenmann is a beautiful and simple little task management application for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Personally, I'm a stickler for GTD apps. I love being productive, and the GTD apps I often come across help me acheive that productivity. Well, there's a new kid on the block, and it's beautiful as much as it is useful. It's called Task Eater.

You'll see that there was a lot of time dedicated to the app once you open it up. I would suggest that before adding tasks, you go to the Settings (gear icon) and hit up the Default Colors setting first. You can go through the various categories you can assign your tasks to and assign a color to them. Since there are more categories than colors, you'll end up using the color association with the icon of the category to tell tasks apart.

Task Eater by Tobias Wiedenmann screenshot

When you have the colors assigned, it will make adding tasks a lot easier. To add a task, tap the + button and you'll get to a screen to type out the task name and more details about it. To assign it to a category, you just tap that icon at the top and you pick whichever category suits it.

If you assigned default colors to the categories, the color wheel will automatically go to the color you picked. If not, you will have to manually assign a color each time (or leave it gray, it is entirely up to you).

A great thing about Task Eater that I'm unable to find in some other GTD apps like Wunderlist is the fact that you can assign due times in addition to due dates. Since I work on deadlines a lot, due times are a necessity. It's great to see that the developers of Task Eater implemented this.

You can also have repeating tasks for every day, week, month, or year. Or just have a single notification, like you would probably need for the majority of your tasks.

When you start getting several tasks into Task Eater, you'll see a nice color-coded list on the main screen. Each task shows the task with the note text underneath (1 line), and the icon for the category you put it in. If there was a due date, it will be showed underneath the note text. If it's due today at a certain time, that time will be displayed.

The Edit button will let you select tasks to delete or just reorder the list to whatever you prefer. It's nice to be able to reorder your items to however you want, but I would also like to see the ability to order in ascending or descending order based on due date in a future update. There aren't any priority settings, which I understand since this is geared for average users and not the power-GTD users.

Task Eater by Tobias Wiedenmann screenshot

There are 3 buttons at the bottom that allow you to switch views. The circle is for Tasks (remaining), the check is for Finished, and the clock is for viewing a timeline of tasks with due dates. Completed tasks will be dimmed out and remaining tasks will appear as normal. The animations between the three views is extremely smooth and visually pleasing.

Going further in to the Settings, you can edit the order of categories or delete categories you don't plan on using. You can import your own custom icons for categories, which is a huge bonus if you want customization. Did you delete a category that you actually need? Categories can be restored. Task Eater also does backups of your data which you can restore from. You can decide when the app should display a number badge (None, Pending Tasks, Pending Tasks with Due Date, Overdue Tasks) and also change the font to Helvetica if you don't like Marker Felt.

So far, I'm going to admit I really like Task Eater. It's smooth, well-designed, and simple. I think it would be nice to see the list organized by category in the future, along with organizing it in ascending/descending order based on due dates in future updates. There should also be more font choices for the people that don't like either Marker Felt or Helvetica. I'd also like to see perhaps Dropbox integration for backups or a simple syncing solution. But these are just some suggestions for an already great app.

One thing that should definitely be added, though, is an alarm or reminder for tasks that are overdue. Currently there does not appear to be any notification of when a task is past due, so you better make sure to check the app regularly.

Task Eater is still very well done and definitely worth the dollar. In fact, only charging a dollar is kind of a bargain compared to other apps out there.

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