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Review: Clumsy Bob - Bouncing Sideways

Review: Clumsy Bob - Bouncing Sideways

January 11, 2011


Can you guide a clumsy elephant named Bob across the clouds, and around the globe? Well, you have the chance in Clumsy Bob which is like Doodle Jump/Papi Jump tilted on its side. Bob bounces automatically, and you simply tilt to guide him from cloud to cloud traveling horizontally rather than vertically.


Along the way there are power-ups like rockets and spring platforms as well as obstacles including rats and snakes. You simply go for the best score, and crystal is included for online high scores and achievements.

The Good

The game is simple to pick up and start playing, and is very similar to Doodle Jump just sideways. There is quite a bit of challenge with the various obstacles that you can only avoid, and never attack. The cloud platforms have a single layer so if you miss one it’s game over, and there are various reacting platforms, and coins to collect along the way. The game has a nice art style that is high on the cute factor from the backgrounds to the cloud platforms, and even Clumsy Bob. There is an upbeat soundtrack to further fit with the cute theme. The game is score based so it’s nice that there are online high scores and achievements for some replay incentive.

The Bad

The game is relatively basic and simplistic with nothing new after a couple plays. Every single game plays the same only the clouds become more spaced, and there are more obstacles. There are indicators of distance traveled along the way, but they don’t act as checkpoints. It would be so much better if you could pick up at one of these indicators when you restart a game, and actually travel around the world rather than just starting in the same place, and not really going anywhere in each game. The entire time you’re playing you’re just expecting more, and this is just another of many endless games that doesn’t have any distinctions.

The Verdict

Clumsy Bob is another in the endless number of endless genre games. The game doesn’t have any noteworthy factors beyond its cute style, and the gameplay is something most iOS users have seen far too many times. The game doesn’t distinguish itself from the app masses, and is worth skipping.

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