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Review: Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition - He Shoots, It's A Zombie Headshot

January 21, 2011


The zombie apocalypse is now appearing on your iPad, and your only defense is a soccer ball. Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition is the iPad version with redesigned everything for the bigger device including more zombies on screen at once, and new game modes. You play as Jax who has been bitten by a zombie soccer player, and is now using his Pro Soccer skills to blast away zombies before becoming one.


This game includes over 20 levels with each one redesigned for the iPad giving you a larger area and more zombies to kill. There are also a couple new modes interspersed in the levels giving you a few different objectives and mechanics like sniper mode on a motorcycle, and few different special bonus levels using particular power-ups. Speaking of power-ups there are three; lightning ball for rapid shots, piercing ball to go through all zombies, and satellite laser to blast all zombies on screen. Game Center and Crystal are included for online high score and achievements. iPhone version:

iPad version:

The Good

Rather than simply porting the iPhone version of Pro Zombie Soccer with a bigger aspect ratio, the game has been completely redesigned to make it a whole new experience. The zombies are the same size as the iPhone version, and there are simply more of them, and a bigger landscape with more space for you to shoot your soccer ball, and the zombies to run around in. Every single level plays different as you are flooded with zombies, and it increases the arcade action to an even higher degree. PZS AE is still very easy to control as you simply slide your thumb up and down to aim the soccer ball, and release to shoot the ball at a zombie. The ease of use allows you to deal with the huge load of zombies on screen. The graphics engine has also been redesigned with all of the visual assets being beefed up for the big screen. The game looks amazing whether it's handling the amount of action on screen or the ornate design of every background and individual zombie. The kill animations are deluxe as well with the explosion of blood or head shot combined with the various power-up animations. There is also the same deluxe and great to listen to soundtrack to go with the gory non-stop action. The game features the same story with the comic cut scenes, but the gameplay is what's different, making it a new experience even if you completed the iPhone version. Ever so often there is a new level type mixed in which is a nice added bonus, and also offers a little bit more to do. The game has a lot of challenge that increases in difficulty nicely, and the variation of all the types of zombies is outstanding. You will need to hold to make power shots, or aim precisely for bank shots while always contemplating trying to go for a head shot. If you take a little longer for any of the shots listed above, and with new zombies always approaching you have to balance the risk/ reward factor. This game offers up some of the most fast paced non-stop action in the App Store.

The Bad

The game mechanic is relatively simplistic which limits the variability as every level you do the same thing just in different locations with tougher zombies. It would be nice to have a little bit more complex controls to have varied types of soccer shots at your disposal. Also it's easy to aim, but it's tough to control the elevation of the shot when you're trying to go for a head shot, and it’s tough to tell what you're doing right when you do get head shots. Precision is a little tough when aiming at particular points in a level or avoiding civilians. The storyline is good up until the conclusion which is really just bad, there is no other way to put it. It's kind of disappointing after making it through the rest of the game.

The Verdict

Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition makes a great transformation to the iPad and presents a whole new gaming experience. There is a plethora of action with the huge amount of zombies on screen at once, and it combines with great style. The game simply gives you more of a good thing from the iPhone version, though it's a bit repetitive with a slight lack of precision. For $1.99 Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition is a should buy that definitely kicks it on the iPad in style.

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