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Confirmed: Verizon Will Offer Unlimited Data Plan For Its iPhone

Confirmed: Verizon Will Offer Unlimited Data Plan For Its iPhone

January 25, 2011
Competition is supposed to increase choices. However, according to the latest rumor, when Verizon begins selling the iPhone next month, there will be no choice of data plans. New iPhone customers will be charged $30/month for unlimited data service. This information comes from Engadget, who is also reporting that Verizon’s $15, 150MB data plan is being eliminated. The $30 data plan will be for “Feature Phones & 3G Smartphones,” which includes BlackBerry and Android handhelds as well. Verizon’s upcoming LTE handsets won’t be eligible for this pricing plan. Rather, those folks will pay $10 for each 75MB of data used. The Verizon iPhone (at least the one coming next month) will not run on this higher speed network.

For its iPhone, AT&T charges $25 for 2GB and $15 for 200MB of data. Is Verizon’s plan better? That depends on your situation. If you rely heavily on a Wi-Fi connection, the price is pretty steep. Still, for those on the road, the price might be a good deal. Plus, Verizon, by offering this plan, is telling the world that its network can handle the increased traffic. Keep in mind; Verizon hasn’t officially announced its data plans. Engadget's numbers could only be rumors. Update: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the $30 data plan has been confirmed. They spoke with Verizon chief operating officer, Lowell McAdam, who indeed confirmed the unlimited plan. What do you think? Who has the better deal? Leave your comments below. [Photo: Engadget]

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