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Verizon To Hold Special Event Next Tuesday - WSJ Says It's iPhone Time [Updated 3x]

Verizon To Hold Special Event Next Tuesday - WSJ Says It's iPhone Time [Updated 3x]

January 7, 2011
It seems like the time has come. Following another round of wild rumors earlier today predicting the second coming of the iPhone on Verizon, the largest U.S. mobile phone carrier has begun sending out invitations to the press for a special event. Scheduled for Tuesday, January 11th, in New York City, no details have been announced concerning what will be unveiled. However, The Wall Street Journal's All Things D blog seems to have it on very good authority that Verizon will finally be announcing the arrival of the iPhone on their network. All we know for sure is that it's happening on a Tuesday, which is traditionally the day on which iPhones are unveiled. Besides that, all we have is All Things D's word for it. Also, it looks a bit strange that Apple would allow Verizon to unveil such a thing. However, if this is true, it's huge news and we're hoping that's all Apple conceded on this deal. Anyway, we'll find out soon enough. What do you think? ***Update: Alright, we're hearing some more details about the event which seem to confirm the rumor. More precisely, Verizon invited some unusual people to the event, like MG Siegler from Techcrunch, a self-proclaimed Apple Fanboy, as well as Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, who exclusively covers Apple news. Both are not usually invited for Verizon events. Then, we should also point out that Gizmodo hasn't been invited, which is unprecedented for a Verizon event according to them. They believe this might have something to do with the fact that they're persona non grata over at Apple ever since they leaked the iPhone 4. Not to mention that the event itself is scheduled at 11am on the 1/11/2011, which could also mean something. Convinced? ***Update 2: The WSJ just published a second story confirming the rumor. Here is how they put it:
Breaking: We've confirmed that Verizon will announce on Tuesday that the iPhone is coming to its network
Needless to say, they seem particularly confident that they got their facts right. Folks, after years of speculation and false hopes, we're really starting to think this is happening over here. We don't want to get your hopes too high, but it's getting really hard not to. Guess Tuesday will be high on emotions. ***Update 3 All Things D is back at it once again with more details. They've now been able to confirm, they claim, that our venerable leader Steve Jobs will, " barring any unforeseen circumstances," be on stage for the announcement. What else?

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