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Verizon iPhones Will Mean New Bumpers

Verizon iPhones Will Mean New Bumpers

January 11, 2011
Don't worry potential Verizon iPhone buyers; you too will be able to purchase Bumpers for your device. Since the Verizon iPhone is slightly different than its AT&T's counterpart in terms of antenna and button placement, current Bumper cases won't fit. But, Apple is expected to release a line of cases that will work with the newer devices. According to 9 To 5 Mac:
Users interested in getting a Bumper for their Verizon iPhone 4 shouldn’t be worried though, as an Apple spokesperson told us that Apple will be slightly updating their iPhone 4 case to support the Verizon version’s new control placement too.
New Bumpers will be available through Verizon as well as Apple retail and online stores.

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