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Outside - Visual Weather Forecast Gets Retina Graphics, Loses In-App Subscriptions

Outside - Visual Weather Forecast Gets Retina Graphics, Loses In-App Subscriptions

January 13, 2011
Outside, Robocat's fantastic iPhone weather app, is and always will be about the visual experience it provides, which is why the recent update that added Retina graphics is so very important.  Those fuzzy visuals were a huge turn off, forcing this iPhone 4 user to search for other, more crisp looking weather apps while waiting for this very update.  But that's not the only good news regarding Outside, as Robocat has also decided to remove the in-app purchase subscriptions that were required to receive push notifications. Outside is a visually appealing weather app that allows you to view current local weather conditions and upcoming conditions so you are never left out in the cold.  The app features a gesture-based interface that allows you to swipe through animated tiles, which show highs, lows, as well as the current condition.  You can swipe all of the way to the left to view a five-day outlook, and you can swipe down to reveal more detailed statistics including UV index, humidity, dew point, cloud cover, and wind speed and direction. The app also allows you to receive push notifications based on certain conditions.  For example, if you want to be alerted when it's going to rain, you can set a specific time of day for the alert to be sent along with a custom sound.  The same can be done for UV levels, when certain low temperatures have been reached, snow, and more. Before this recent update, however, you actually had to pay to receive these handy push notifications.  The app came with 30 free days of service and additional months could be purchased in-app, but not anymore.  Push notifications are now included in the cost -- a recently reduced one at that. Outside - Visual Weather Forecast is now available in the App Store for $.99, but only for a limited time.

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