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New Apple Patent Suggests Photo Booth Is Coming To iDevices

New Apple Patent Suggests Photo Booth Is Coming To iDevices

February 23, 2011
Earlier this year, it was suggested that the Mac’s Photo Booth application would be coming to iDevices. Now, a new Apple patent filing seems to suggest the same. According to Patently Apple, this newest patent “all but confirms” that Photo Booth is coming to the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. They also suggest that Apple will release an enhanced version of Photo Booth, which will also be available on the upcoming release of OS X Lion. The Photo Booth app doesn’t look like anything currently on the market. For one, it gives the user the ability to alter photos based on the “detection of certain device operation events.” These include events related to: audio, motion, location, or events "relating the imaging properties." One of the most interesting features is the ability to change a photo’s properties simply by shaking the iDevice. For example, a simple shake of the iDevice could increase “the amount of ripples or waves in the water or change the reflection of the sun on the water” of a water-centric photo.

Photo Booth will have to “wow” the masses since there are quite a few photo editing apps already on the market. Since it's coming from Apple, this might not be a problem. What do you think? What would you like to see in Photo Booth for iDevices? Leave your comments below. [Photos: Patently Apple]

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