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Blast The Creatures Off Your Screen With Game Of The Year

Blast The Creatures Off Your Screen With Game Of The Year

February 13, 2011
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Game Of The Year ($0.99) by NAWIA GAMES is an arcade style shooting game, not really a “Game of The Year” (in the sense that it won an award). On the contrary it is very simple and ultimately has virtually no replay value. This is another example of a game where the objective or gameplay does not change or vary, but becomes gradually harder. The basic objective of the game is to shoot the creatures as they appear. The user taps to fire, to reload they will find two barrels towards the bottom corners of the screen that when tapped will reload the gun.

Game Of The Year by NAWIA GAMES screenshot

The gameplay is simple and intuitive, and the graphics are vivid. It is very easy to pick up and play; there isn’t much to it. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you are looking for. As we have seen with many other addictive games, where the objective or task does not change, this one can be hard to put down. The game calls on fast reflexes and a knack for shooting targets. If you enjoy the two, you might get a kick out of this game.

However, the game is not elaborate by any means, users will find themselves doing the same thing throughout each challenge and level. The only thing that changes are the creatures you are shooting and the background. They don't change dramatically, and everything in the scene is relevant. To complete each level the user can’t miss any targets. Each target is scored as missed, great, or perfect. If you miss one or two targets, you cannot proceed to the next level. This becomes annoying once you are further into the game.

Overall, Game of The Year, is a simple tap to shoot game, with plenty of levels and challenges to keep you entertained. The game uses OpenFeint enabling you and your friends to follow each other on leader boards. Whether you're completing challenges or endlessly fighting off hordes, you're sure to enjoy this arcade game.

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