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Busy Schedule? Commuting In Traffic? Never Be Late Again With OnTime For iPhone

Busy Schedule? Commuting In Traffic? Never Be Late Again With OnTime For iPhone

February 26, 2011
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OnTime ($1.99) by Ripple Mobile LLC is a new combination time management and GPS app. It adds a social media component, and it's unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the iPhone.

OnTime lets you keep track of all your appointments and to-do’s, but with great twist; it tells you when to leave for your next event based on where you are at any given time.

This remarkable app uses the Google Maps API to determine when it’s time to hit the road and notifies you. It can also tell you when to hit the sidewalk, since the app can be configured for both walking and driving. It even considers traffic.

Once you know when it’s time to go, OnTime further integrates with Google Maps to provide optional turn-by-turn navigation.

OnTime by Ripple Mobile LLC screenshot

While this app does multiple complicated tasks, the user experience couldn’t be simpler.

OnTime syncs with the calendars on your iPhone, including your to-do list. It finds your events like magic.

When you launch the app for the first time your tasks almost instantly appear within the simple and clean interface. The developers even e-mail you an Outlook plug-in when you register.

You can be notified in several useful ways: e-mail, SMS and push notification.

It also incorporates social media. Upon arrival you can tweet your location or post it on Facebook.

What really makes OnTime unique is the sophisticated integration with Google’s navigations products.

I live in a small suburb of Montreal. Many apps (even others powered by Google), can’t pinpoint my home.

So while I expected it to easily find my local mall, I was surprised that it came up with our tiny Sunday school, and hockey rink.

And, it did so quickly.

OnTime by Ripple Mobile LLC screenshot

I am describing its use for my life as a busy mom, but it doesn’t take a leap of imagination to see how this app can become an indispensible tool for business people, travelers and students.

The busier you are, the more you need OnTime.

There is nothing I have heard of in the App Store to compare with OnTime; this app serves so many functions it’s hard to even classify it beyond saying it’s a premium life manager.

All that being said, there are a few features that would be nice to see in an update.

Because it automatically imports all your to-dos and calendars so well, some of the items that appear in the day’s events are not necessary and create a bit of clutter.

For example, my son is on spring break now, but I don’t need a daily reminder; the increased noise level at home serves that function.

For now, however, you can’t delete items in-app. If it’s in your calendar it’s in OnTime.

Also, you cannot add items that pop-up into the app. You have to add the item in the calendar app and press the "schedule" button to re-sync.

This is not exactly a hardship, but I would prefer the ability to just to type it right in and go.

An iPad-native companion app, with or without navigation, or better yet a universal app, would really knock this one out of the park.

Notwithstanding, OnTime has earned its spot on my iPhone’s homepage.

It’s a must-have time management app for anyone who leaves the house.

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