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Take Comic Book Pictures Instantly With Comic Cam

Take Comic Book Pictures Instantly With Comic Cam

February 25, 2011
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Comic Cam ($2.99) by CobbySoft Media Inc. is a new photography app that takes pictures using a “comic” effect. Pictures come out with a cartoon look to them, grainy, and with saturated colors. The app does not offer any other features, besides being able to switch between front and back cameras for fourth generation iPod’s and the iPhone 4. Most users would find this very disappointing, especially because the app charges a rather high price of $2.99. Considering it’s only a simple photography app with few features, this is a bit expensive.

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However, it does take pretty cool pictures, and lets you see how things look with all the effects, in realtime. Most other apps require that you take a picture, than apply effects to it. This app actually allows you to see how your photo will look live, before actually snaping the picture. That in itself is pretty impressive, though I don’t think it’s enough to justify three dollars.

The developers should consider releasing a free version that does what the paid one does. The paid version should be updated to include features such as Facebook and Twitter integration as well as the ability to e-mail pictures. I feel there are many free apps that include these basic features, why should we pay a premium for an app that lacks them?

Overall, if you are dying to have an app that let’s you take “comic” pictures, and are too lazy to use another app to give your pictures the same effect, Comic Cam might be worth looking into. But, if you’re expecting an array of features and functionality, don’t bother with Comic Cam for now.

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