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Everything You Want To Know About The Human Body

Everything You Want To Know About The Human Body

February 21, 2011
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The Human Body ($4.99) by Amber Books Ltd is a surprisingly elaborate reference app of the human body. Most reference apps don’t usually offer much or look very good. However, The Human Body does a great job of offering both. When the app is first opened the user is greeted with four tabs, the main one being “Contents.” From there the body is broken down into different sections, anything from the abdomen to entire body systems. Once a section is chosen, there is an even further classification of that section with more specific body parts. Once a body part is selected the app features specific information about the “Body System,” “Location,” “Function,” “Components,” “Related Parts,” and an overview of the body part.

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Everything is broken down simply; you don’t need a degree from medical school to understand the content. The average user should have no problem learning or comprehending any of the information. Every body part features a diagram and they are also user friendly. For a reference health app, it offers a great deal of information.

The app doesn’t have any flaws; everything works and flows smoothly. In a future update it would be interesting to see 3D diagrams, or at least be able to click the diagrams to enlarge them.

Overall The Human Body is an excellent tool for anyone interested in anatomy. It provides excellent information, and useful diagrams. Users are sure to find everything they’re looking for.

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