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iOS 4.3 Finally Bringing Ability To Cancel App Downloads

iOS 4.3 Finally Bringing Ability To Cancel App Downloads

February 1, 2011

We recently stumbled across a pretty nifty new feature in Apple's yet unreleased iOS 4.3, and we thought we'd share with you. It's a very interesting one; the ability to cancel app downloads.

Apple is making it possible, with iOS 4.3, to cancel the download of an app before its completion on both the iPhone and iPad. There have been many times when I started downloading an app only to realize it was a huge file and wanted to cancel. Unfortunately, until now, I was just stuck with it on my homescreen until it finally completed or somehow disappeared after a reboot.

The feature is quite simple to use. All you have to do is enter the icon arrangement mode ("Wiggle mode") as you normally do to delete an app. This time however, you'll notice the "x" appear over the currently downloading app as well. Just hit it, confirm, and iOS will proceed to interrupt the download and delete the app.

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