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Another iPad 2 Case Shows Up - Looks Particularly Thin

Another iPad 2 Case Shows Up - Looks Particularly Thin

February 22, 2011
Following Engadget's discovery at CES of a potential iPad 2 case that would have been designed according to Apple's specs, this week 9to5mac managed to put their hands on one and confirm some more details: According to them, the case makes it clear that the next iPad will be, as rumored, much thinner than the current one:
Our case is silicon and has all the new iPad 2 fixings we’ve heard so far, except the magical top port. The bottom of the case has space for the standard 30-pin dock connector and a larger speaker with a meshed grill. [...] The left side has that super mysterious port and the top has the standard earphone jack and the sleep/wake power button. Oh, and the back? It has a camera hole, slightly larger than the one’s found on iPhone 4 cases (which might allow for movement/alignment issues). Back to the left-side port: there are a few things people think it’s for. The rumor mill has been filled with speculation that it might be an SD card slot, a full USB port, or most recently for a Light Peak port.
Most likely, Apple has figured out a way to better organize the internals of its tablet, which has a lot of empty space inside the current model. As for the ports, it's still a mystery, but they don't believe it will feature a built-in SD card reader. The takeaway here is that the next iPad will maintain the current screen size, but become thinner and lighter. It will probably also feature two cameras for taking pictures and placing FaceTime calls, but the device will most likely just be an incremental update. Is this legit? Apple has, in the past, provided case manufacturers with specifications to make sure enough cases are available at launch. On the other hand, we have no way to verify that Apple has done so this time, nor whether this case was built on that basis. Nevertheless, case manufacturers have shown to be very savvy in the past at predicting Apple's designs. Here is the case on video, check it out and tell us what you think:

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