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iPhone 4 Burns Man's Hand After Exploding

iPhone 4 Burns Man's Hand After Exploding

February 17, 2011
We all know the iPhone can get pretty hot sometimes, but an exploding one? This is something that does not happen regularly. If you look back at previous generations of iPhones it has happened occasionally. Fortunately, for most  iPhone users, the device doesn't get any hotter than a laptop battery. Boy Genius Report has reported that an iPhone 4 belonging to Omar Huartas allegedly blew up while his wife was holding it. Apparently, while his wife held the device, the iPhone became extremely hot and the battery began to swell. The back cover then came apart and caught fire. Huartas' wife dropped the phone on the table where it left burn marks. In the midst of this fiasco, Huartas burned his hand. BGR details that in an effort to reach Steve Jobs, he tweeted his incident on Twitter:
In a tweet to @ceoSteveJobs, a parody account on Twitter that Mr. Huertas may have thought to be real, Huertas writes, 'my name omar huertas your iphone 4 blew up in my wife hand battery i spoke with apple i need something done loss data kids pic.
Huertas was able to get a replacement iPhone and he created a video of this interesting tale. We are very glad the two of them are OK.

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