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Mega Jump Gets Remote Control And TV-Out Support

Mega Jump Gets Remote Control And TV-Out Support

February 11, 2011
Thanks to Get Set Games and their recent update to Mega Jump (Free), you can now use one of your many iDevices as a remote control and finally see what all of the fuss is about without having to spend a single penny. Well, besides all of the money you already spent on the hardware. The update also brings TV-out support and a few other small additions. To test out this new remote functionality, simply install Mega Jump on two separate iDevices. After launching Mega Jump on both of them, tap the blue settings button and then tap the pink display button. A new screen will pop-up asking which device you want to use as the display and which you want to use as the remote. As long as both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, they will sync up and the game will begin. Tilting whichever device you chose as the remote will control your character. An indicator in the middle of the screen will show you your character's status -- flying, falling, power-ups, etc. -- and you will be able to use boosts, pause the game, and disconnect from the remote device as well. In addition, you are now able to connect any of your iDevices to a television or monitor by using the appropriate cable. This works with the remote control functionality as well, allowing you to sit back and play Mega Jump from the comfort of your sofa. Besides all of these technical additions, the game also now features a new character, a new UI, and the ability to post your scores to Facebook, Twitter, or email them to friends. The only real problem with this recent update to Mega Jump is that it doesn't add native iPad support, which means you will have to play in the dreaded 2x mode to get any real use out of the remote functionality. Also, as a warning, make sure your iPad isn't in 2x mode when connecting it to a television, otherwise it will not fit properly within the confines of the screen. A short video is embedded below to demonstrate the new remote functionality along with TV-out support.

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