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Paranormal Activity Sanctuary Augmenting Reality With Ghosts

February 20, 2011
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Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary (Free) by Ogmento is an augmented reality game based loosely on the Paranormal Activity film franchise. In all fairness, this game stands as the best thing to come out of the franchise. The gameplay takes place on Google maps, with hell holes, missions, and events placed around the area. You can also investigate the area around you, using the camera, in an attempt to photograph spirits in the immediate vicinity. The developers have already announced plans for additional features in coming updates.

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The gameplay is engaging and interesting, and includes some novel improvements on more established AR gameplay approaches, including the ability to boost a spell by drawing a pentagram on physical paper and snapping a picture. Everyone starts off affiliated with the Demonologists, but if the player loses too much sanity and is subsequently possessed, the player's affiliation will be switched to the demonic. Events and missions in the game are frequently based on real world locations. The gameplay does not tie you down to anywhere specific, the more you move around the real world, the more varied your game experience will be.

Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary by Ogmento screenshot

Overall the experience is unique enough to warrant keeping the app on your phone, to check while waiting in line at the DMV to see if it really is siting on a hell hole. The game is one of the more interesting AR games to come out lately, and it is far better than both films.

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