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Find Anything, Go Anywhere With Gogo Navigator

Find Anything, Go Anywhere With Gogo Navigator

February 13, 2011
Gogo Navigator USA & CAN by EnGIS Communications, Inc. icon

Gogo Navigator USA & CAN ($29.99) by EnGIS Communications, Inc. is a real-time navigation app available for the iPhone. It features turn-by-turn 3D navigation and text-to-speech voice guidance. It also includes advanced lane guidance, real signpost display, and an onboard points of interest database. The app has a very simple and intuitive interface; this allows users to enjoy a full featured high end navigation experience. It has been designed and optimized especially for the iPhone, and contains some unique customizations. Gogo Navigator is also updated regularly so you are never using outdated maps.

Gogo Navigator USA & CAN by EnGIS Communications, Inc. screenshot

Most GPS systems are expensive, and a handful of them lack many features and details. For $29.99 this app has an abundance of features to offer, everything from 3D graphics of landmarks to lane guidance. A common problem I have always encountered with my own GPS is the lack of the ability to tell me which specific lane to be in. This app does a pretty good job of illustrating this on the map. It is also filled with all the common features of a GPS such as: voice guidance, auto-rerouting, and even built in Google Local Search.

The POI feature is very elaborate compared to a common GPS. The user can save their favorite POIs and find directions to and from them. Assuming you're using an iPhone, you could plug in the address of the POI into other apps to get more information.

Overall Gogo Navigator is a great deal for your iPhone. It has the potential to fully replace standalone GPS units and offers a great number of features. Whether you are searching for a local restaurant or trying to make it to a family dinner, Gogo Navigator is sure to get you there.

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