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Manage Your To-do Lists In The Dropbox Cloud With TaskAgent

Manage Your To-do Lists In The Dropbox Cloud With TaskAgent

February 25, 2011

TaskAgent ($2.99 normally, sale price $1.99 limited time only) by MacRecon is a simple list manager for your iPhone and iPad that syncs with Dropbox.

Dropbox is becoming a staple in a lot of productivity apps nowadays, and it's with good reason. When anything syncs with Dropbox, it's always up-to-date and always accessible anywhere (as long as there's an Internet connection). Dropbox has easily become one of the best things of life since sliced bread!

Now, how about combining Dropbox sync with task lists? That's what you're getting with TaskAgent.

Upon launching TaskAgent, you'll get a default list that will have steps for you to quickly look over to understand how to use the app. On the main screen, you can create new lists, and when a list is selected, you can add new tasks to it.

Tasks can be assigned a name and an optional short note to it. When all the tasks are entered and you go back to the main screen, TaskAgent will automatically sync with Dropbox, so everything will be saved. Unfortunately, you have to go back to the main listing to get the app to sync, so there isn't a way to sync from the task view. There is a manual refresh button on the List view though, so it would be nice if that was added in the task view as well.

In both Lists and Tasks view, you can swipe on an item to delete it. You can rearrange the order of the tasks, but not the Lists. Tapping a task will mark it as complete, or hit the Edit button and then the task so you can edit whatever details there are for it.

There's also another nice thing you can do with your lists - share them. You can copy the list in plain text, email or SMS it. Additionally, since these are lists being synced with Dropbox, they will be saved in the cloud as plain text files. You can have access to them anywhere, though when viewed inside the app, it works like a fully functional to-do app.

The only drawback (if you consider it to be a drawback) is that you are required to have a data connection and a Dropbox account to use the app. Otherwise, it's inaccessible. However, both of these issues are easily resolvable, so it's really nothing.

TaskAgent is minimal and functional. If you're the type to just want a simple list to function as your task manager, and require syncing in the cloud (what better option than Dropbox?), then TaskAgent is for you. The bonus? It works perfectly on both the iPhone and iPad.


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TaskAgent ~ Dropbox to-do lists
TaskAgent ~ Dropbox to-do lists
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