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QuickAdvice: Last Temple - Draw Your Match Three

QuickAdvice: Last Temple - Draw Your Match Three

February 5, 2011
The Last Temple is a new match three game where you draw a line connecting matching shapes to clear them from the board. The play area is composed of beige tiles, and every match you make on a particular tile flips it to blue, and your goal is to flip the entire play area to blue. If it sounds familiar that's because it is the same exact game mechanic of Azkend. In Azkend you simply drag your finger over matched icons to clear those tiles, and then try to make matches on every tiles, and it was one of the first iPhone games back in 2008. Now Last Temple could try to expand on the basic gameplay, but the sad thing is it is worse than Azkend, and introduces nothing new. Last Temple features 90 levels that have no connection between each other, while Azkend includes a deluxe storyline, as well as the ability to earn special power-ups along the way. Last Temple doesn't break any molds, and is supremely easy so there is no real challenge throughout the game. When you complete a level there is an explosion of jewels you try to collect by tapping. The jewels can be used to get the challenge levels which definitely live up to their name. The are extremely tough, but the hardest aspect is that the controls don't work as smoothly as they need to. There are a number of instances where you think you make a match or a longer match, and it doesn't pick up the first tile you draw your match from. Precision definitely isn't there when you’re drawing a long chain, and then there is a fork to continue the chain either up or down, but not both. The game doesn't have the sheen or polish of Azkend which makes matters worse. Overall Last Temple copies Azkend, but offers up nothing new, and is actually a step backwards. It's definitely worth skipping, and if your interested in this style of game be sure to check out Azkend.

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