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QuickAdvice: Thermo Makes For A Beautiful And Simple Pocket Thermometer

QuickAdvice: Thermo Makes For A Beautiful And Simple Pocket Thermometer

February 3, 2011
Thermo by Robocat icon

Thermo (Free) by Robocat is a simple weather app that takes away the complexity that can be found in other apps.

Robocat is a pretty cool development team - they designed Outside, which is a weather app that aimed at making checking the weather fun. In Outside, you got an interface that replicates an open window, and a graphic of the current weather is seen beyond the glass. Outside also featured forecasts and other weather information, so it was good if you needed all that stuff.

But what if you want something simple, yet beautifully designed like Outside, as Robocat has demonstrated already? Something as simple as the iPhone's own Weather app, but not so...bland? Thermo is the answer.

Thermo by Robocat screenshot

Thermo is a free, ad supported weather app from Robocat that does one thing - tell you what the temperature is outside. It will prompt you for location upon opening, or you can search for your own location manually. Auto-locate can be turned off completely as well, if you are not the type to trust Location Services for any reason.

Thermo presents the user with one screen that contains a beautifully designed thermometer. The thermometer will indicated what the current temperature is with a little box. You can also see what the temperature was from the day before and compare the two. If it's warm, the color is red; if it's cold, the thermometer will be freezing blue. And if it's sweltering, the thermometer will be "sweating."

Thermo by Robocat screenshot

You can change the units to Celsius or Farenheit, and get rid of ads for $0.99. Personally, I found the interface too pretty to be marred down with ads, so I did the purchase immediately.

There's a nice sandy sound to go along with most of the navigation, but there isn't a toggle for sound. If you tire of the sound, you're going to have to have your device on silent. But it shouldn't be enough to bother you - after all, you are just checking the temperature. I'd also like to see the ability to add multiple locations - currently, you can only see one location at a time.

Thermo is simple and beautiful. If you don't care for upcoming forecasts, humidity and wind levels, and all that other weather gobbity gook, take a look at Thermo. Since it's free, you can see if it's for you or not. And if you like it, then getting rid of the ads makes it a better experience (personally I can't stand ads in anything).

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