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From The SDK: Verizon To Get Its Own CDMA iPad - 3MP Camera & Display Port Included

From The SDK: Verizon To Get Its Own CDMA iPad - 3MP Camera & Display Port Included

by Jace
February 4, 2011
Verizon has finally obtained the holy grail of smart phones in its acquisition of the iPhone, but it also seems big red may be getting their own CDMA iPad as well. According to Cult of Mac, while digging through the innards of the third beta iteration of iOS 4.3, web developer Chris Galzerano made an interesting discovery. The firmware defines three variations of the iPad. This is what Cult of Mac had to say about the matter.
First, iOS 4.3 seems to strongly imply that the Verizon will have its own iPad. The firmware describes iPad 2,1, iPad 2,2 and iPad 2,3, which suggests three models in WiFi, 3G GSM/UMTS and 3G CDMA flavors.
Mr. Galzerano was pretty thorough in his digging and also uncovered reference to a 3MP camera as well as nods in the code to a Displayport. The 3MP camera is two Mega Pixels shy from the illustrious 5MP the iPhone 4 has, but lets be honest, do you really need that extra juice for facetiming your mates across the pond? The Displayport is a more then welcomed feature for all of those unable to shell out a Ben Franklin for the Apple TV2. It would give users the ability to finally watch all those unwatched episodes of Its Always Sunny in Phildelphia that are building up in their iTunes libraries on a screen bigger then 9.7 inches. What are your thoughts? All you Verizon customer must be happy that quite possibly you will no longer have to carry a MiFi in your pocket.  We want to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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