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Tilt To Live's Viva La Turret Mode Now Available In The iPad Version

Tilt To Live's Viva La Turret Mode Now Available In The iPad Version

February 1, 2011
The day has finally come for iPad owners to man their Perforators and mow down wave after wave of red dots, as Tilt to Live HD now features the unrelenting Viva la Turret mode, which was only previously available in the iPhone version. In Viva la Turret mode, you are required to navigate your way to the yellow orbs that have a reticle emblazoned on the top, which will activate a massive turret -- also known as the Perforator -- and hold you in place. Now when you tilt your iPad, instead of moving your character, you control the turret's direction of fire. Waves of red dots will come at you in a variety of ways, and it's up to you to keep them at bay. Turrets will deactivate after a given period of time, but you can keep the streak going by shooting at the yellow orbs, which pulls them towards you since you can't move towards them. Exterminated red dots will release jewels, which act as your multiplier and are very important to obtaining a huge score. The trick, however, is that your multiplier will reset once your turret expires, so you will want to grab as many jewels as you can at once and keep your current turret active for as long as possible. Since the playing field is much larger on the iPad, the gameplay differs slightly from the iPhone version. It's a little more difficult to collect large amounts of jewels since they are so far apart, and the shockwave that is sent out when entering a turret does a lot less damage to the red dots since they rarely collide with the outer wall. Also, One Man Left has added a new, more cruel wave of red dots that appear only when you are unarmed since the added screen space allows for relatively easy navigation outside of a turret. Tilt to Live HD is available for free, but the additional game modes come at a cost. You can pick up every last mode in the game for $4.99, or you can buy Viva la Turret mode by itself for $.99. Next up for Tilt to Live is local cooperative multiplayer for Viva la Turret mode. One person will man the Perforator, while the other scurries around the playing field to pick up jewels. The update will be available for free for those who have already purchased Viva la Turret mode, and it appears the iPhone version will be the first to receive the new game type. Watch for it around the end of February.

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