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Will Adobe Soon Release A Full Version Of Photoshop For The iPad?

Will Adobe Soon Release A Full Version Of Photoshop For The iPad?

March 31, 2011
Adobe recently demoed an iPad version of its popular Photoshop application at the Photoshop World Conference, according to Photography Bay. The unnamed app includes real layer support and other features. An iPad version of Photoshop, considered the gold standard by many for photo editing, has long been rumored, especially since the watered down Adobe Photoshop Express debuted in the App Store last August.

In addition to allowing users to add, switch to, and edit layers, the app demoed brings “image objects that can be dragged and rotated as well as a color mixer that allows blending "like a painter," according to Electronista. Unfortunately, despite the demo, no mention was made on when, or if, this app will be made available to the public. In addition, the app's price was also not mentioned. Regardless, Photography Bay concludes the potential app looks fantastic:
While the recent upgrades for Photoshop Express on iOS adds some horsepower to the app, the stuff that Adobe has in the pipeline for tablet devices looks pretty sick.
While hundreds of other photo-editing applications already call iOS home, the addition of Photoshop for the iPad could be a game changer. Hopefully, we'll hear more about this soon. Until a full version of Photoshop hits the App Store, we're left with the free Adobe Photoshop Express.

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