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Apache Overkill Is One Feature Away From Being A Classic

Apache Overkill Is One Feature Away From Being A Classic

March 27, 2011
Apache Overkill by icon

Apache Overkill ($0.99) by Is a side scrolling flyer in which you fight off waves of enemies in the air and on land, as an Apache helicopter. It features dozens of levels across four worlds and Game Center integration.

Apache Overkill by screenshot

For years, Miniclip has been a source of many great flash titles on their website. Recently they have extended that track record with very popular iOS titles such as Fragger, Gravity Guy and iStunt 2. Apache Overkill is the latest in this stream of quality browser games gone mobile, but at least one flaw keeps it from being the classic it could be.

A short tutorial teaches you how to use the rudimentary controls, but training is hardly necessary. To direct your copter you just swipe in the direction you want it to go. If you want to fire a different weapon (missile, atomic bomb, laser or ground bombs), you just tap the associated button.

Your machine gun has unlimited ammo, but nothing else does, so it is crucial that you gather ammunition, health and extra lives that fall from the sky. Most of the enemies go down with a shot or two, but each level includes a boss that requires most of your arsenal to defeat.

Apache Overkill succeeds because it doesn’t try to be something that it isn’t. It was designed as a quick pick up and play game that is as fun for a minute as it is for an hour, and it doesn’t take itself seriously, as is seen by the cartoon-style graphics. The sounds and animation are more than adequate, and the levels are numerous though somewhat repetitive.

Perhaps the Achilles heel of this otherwise fun title is the fact that there is no saving feature. Each time you start you must begin with level one. This is frustrating, especially since this would be such an easy feature to include, and it's unacceptable in the competitive world of the App Store.

Apache Overkill is an entertaining game that is well worth the cost, but is ultimately scarred by the inability to save your progress. If you still don’t know if this low calorie fighter is for you, head over to and try it yourself for free.

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