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Apple Awarded Design Patents For Many Products We Use

Apple Awarded Design Patents For Many Products We Use

March 1, 2011
Apple has recently been awarded 23 new patents, according to Patently Apple, which highlighted four of these in a recent article. The patents included in the article are for the iPhone 4 design, the 2009 compact wired keyboard, the second generation iPod, and the iChat video conference system. They state the iPhone 4 patent covers the "consistent and aesthetically pleasing nitrided stainless steel components used (in) the current iPhone 4's steel band." Initially released in 2003, iChat originally allowed video conferencing with just a single person. This patent covers the application’s ability to include multiple participants in a video conference. That feature was released later. It is surprising these patents took so long to get approved. The second generation iPod in particular, which included a touch-sensitive wheel, was replaced in 2003.

Still, the patents now belong to Apple.

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