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Apple Patents "Dynamically Generated Ring Tones" For Your Friends And Family

Apple Patents "Dynamically Generated Ring Tones" For Your Friends And Family

March 10, 2011
Imagine, if you will, receiving a phone call from your mother and your iPhone automatically cuts together different video clips associated with her particular call. It would then sync them to a separate audio track and create a unique video theme around her. Sounds cool, eh? That is what Apple's new patent seems to indicate:
A processor implemented method for automatically modifying a video sequence for presenting a video-ringtone, the method comprising: inputting a first video sequence comprising a sequence of images; associating the first video sequence with a caller; associating an audio signal with the caller; outputting a second video sequence when a call is received from the caller comprising the images of the first video sequence but having a modified playback sequence or frame rate, andgenerating the second video sequence by analyzing the audio signal for selected characteristics and by modifying the first video sequence in response to the analysis of the audio signal.
All this content is either stored directly on the recipient's phone or pulled from iTunes Genius data that is stored. Also, the caller could "seed" the video or audio to be played, sharing a new track the person enjoys. Though we have no idea if Apple will actually implement this into future iOS upgrades, I can imagine if they do, it will certainly be interesting, and a little fun. [via Engadget]

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