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Apple Releases iOS 4.3.1 - Here Is What's New

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.1 - Here Is What's New

March 25, 2011
Apple has just released, to most of its iDevice owners around the world, a brand new version of iOS labeled 4.3.1. There is good and bad news that comes it. The good news is that Apple has resolved a lot of little technical issues that have been plaguing some users in iOS 4.3:
-Occasional graphics glitches -Some cellular connection issues -Image flickering when using some connection kits. -Enterprise connectivity problems
The bad news is that this version is not bringing any new features. We're still analyzing, so we'll keep you posted if we find anything new. Also, it's worth noting that Apple hasn't yet made this version available to Verizon iPhone customers, further deepening the split between the version they are running (4.2.6), and the current GSM one (4.3.1). Updated already? See anything new? Tell us how it went in the comments.  

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