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Apple Releasing Line of iPad 2 Smart Covers

Apple Releasing Line of iPad 2 Smart Covers

March 2, 2011
Apple CEO Steve Jobs has announced a new line of iPad 2 Smart Covers, that aren't to be confused with cases. He stated:
"We did a case for the original iPad. It worked pretty well, but we went to all the trouble to make this beautiful design, but then covered it up with the case. We thought we could do better than this with the iPad 2."
The covers were designed alongside the iPad 2. Apparently, they automatically wake the iPad when a user opens it. Subsequently, when the cover is closed, the iPad goes to sleep. They use magnets and not screws to work. They come with a microfiber cloth to clean the screen. Jobs stressed they can be removed in seconds and add minimal weight and thickness to the iPad 2 device. They come in two designs, poly ($39) and leather ($69), and in a selection of colors.

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