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Apple TV Scores MLB Games For 2011 Season [Update: NBA & 5.1 Netflix Too]

Apple TV Scores MLB Games For 2011 Season [Update: NBA & 5.1 Netflix Too]

March 9, 2011
With just weeks to go before the start of the 2011 season, we’ve got great news for baseball fans: You can now watch Major League Baseball games using your Apple TV. This news comes from MLB, which is promoting the new service on its website. In order to use this service, you must install the latest Apple TV update, plus purchase a subscription to MLB.TV, which costs $99 per season, or $120 for the MLB.TV Premium Package.

In order to promote this package further, Apple TV owners can stream select Spring Training games for absolutely free. Regular season features include:
  • HD Quality broadcasts, where available
  • LIVE and archived games (MLB.TV Premium only)
  • Home and away broadcasts
  • Quick navigation to run scoring plays or a particular player at bat
This is an incredible deal, especially if you already own a MLB.TV package. For more information, visit MLB.TV. ***Update: Engadget points out that MLB was not the only addition to the Apple TV today as NBA League Pass Broadband also made the draft. On top of that, Netflix video streaming was added 5.1 audio support.

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