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What Are Apple’s New Smart Covers Really Hiding?

What Are Apple’s New Smart Covers Really Hiding?

March 10, 2011
While much of the attention has focused on the iPad 2 itself, there is something else coming from Apple tomorrow, the new Smart Covers.  We already know these covers look amazing and protect the iPad’s front side. However, one developer thinks they could provide an even greater function in the future: helping iOS notifications. Available in polyurethane or leather, Smart Covers will almost certainly add sizzle to the already hot iPad 2. Slim, yet sturdy in design, the Covers protect the iDevice without covering its aluminum back using a unique magnetic connection. It also acts a keyboard, FaceTime, and movie stand. More interesting, the Smart Covers act as a conduit between it and the iPad 2. When opened ever so slightly, the Cover wakes the iPad up; closing it puts the iDevice to sleep. While the magnetics are what most likely triggers this functionality, beyond that we know very little. The folks at Tagmates think Smart Covers could be used as part of an improved iOS notification system, which would be triggered in a future iOS update. Take a look at this cool video:

Personally, I find the current notification system lacking. Sure, the pop-ups serve their purpose, but Apple (or a third-party developer) can do better. What do you think? Could Smart Covers be used to improve the iPad 2's notification system? Leave your comments below.

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