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Assemblage HD: How Confident Are You In Your Building Skills?

Assemblage HD: How Confident Are You In Your Building Skills?

March 4, 2011
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Assemblage_HD (Free) by Ernesto Hernandez is a tower creation game with excellent physics. Players are given several blocks of different shapes and colors. They must be placed and stacked to hold for five seconds. Two things can measure the games difficulty; what you have to build with and what you’re building on. The blocks aren’t the only thing changing; the surface that you are stacking everything on also changes. The beginning levels have very simple flat surfaces that are easy to stack anything on. As the game goes on you must utilize the exact shape of the blocks to complete a level.

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Unlike other games, the three options of difficultly are very different. Each level, in a sense is a puzzle, though there are numerous ways of completing any of them. There is a general solution for any level; the easier ones allow users to be less precise and more creative.

The game uses relatively accurate physics; users can expect a realistic challenge when building their towers. Though the game is free, there are 100 levels, so you’re sure to find yourself playing for hours.

Even though the premise of the game is quite simple, it does a great job of bringing the complexity of building to the iPhone. Whether you have never played with a tower creation game, or you're an expert, this is one you are sure to appreciate.

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