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AT&T: The iPad 2 Will Ship In 14 To 21 Business Days [Updated]

AT&T: The iPad 2 Will Ship In 14 To 21 Business Days [Updated]

March 15, 2011
AT&T anticipates it will begin shipping iPad 2s in 14 to 21 business days, according to a tip received by AppAdvice. The same time frame seems to exist for those seeking to buy the tablet at a AT&T retail store. A small number of Wi-Fi + 3G AT&T iPad 2s were available at Apple Stores, Best Buy, and other retailers on launch day. However, a quick survey made last Saturday seems to suggest AT&T didn’t offer the tablets at each of its retail stores.

To encourage would-be iPad 2 buyers to select their service, AT&T is offering one month of free data service for those who choose the company’s 2GB plan. This is a savings of $25. In the past, I have found AT&T’s online representatives less likely to know information about new products and promotions than their retail store counterparts. Therefore, check with your local AT&T retail store to confirm iPad 2 availability and for more information about the data service promotion. Assuming the 14 to 21 business day timeframe is accurate, it's in line with what we are hearing from other iPad 2 vendors.

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