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Booooly! Was A Hit In 2010. Can Booooly! HD Bring It In 2011?

Booooly! Was A Hit In 2010. Can Booooly! HD Bring It In 2011?

March 19, 2011
Booooly! HD by NextApps Inc. icon

Booooly! HD ($3.99) by NextApps Inc. brings a now-classic iPhone game to the iPad for the first time. This is sure to please loyal fans, and this game does indeed have fans.

The original Booooly! brought a fresh spin to the match-three genre, but there is nothing really new in the HD version.

In both versions of Booooly! you start with a game board full of different colored faces, called boooolies, of course.

Your job is to clear the board of as many as you can while completing challenges like getting a specific number of boooolies in a specific color.

While you can remove any three same-colored faces that are connected, there is a reason for the four o’s in the name.

Booooly! HD by NextApps Inc. screenshot

The goal is to get a Booooly, which is a chain of no less than four. The more boooolies you get in a row the faster the points add up and levels are cleared.

What’s always been very appealing about the game is how the boooolies respond to gravity and the laws of physics.

This game can seem deceptively simple, but once you start to learn how things fall, you can plan ahead and use strategy to achieve the goals.

The interface is cute, engaging and very g-rated. The sound effects border on cloying and yet are also oddly satisfying.

There is a multi-player option, but user reviews in the app store say it’s not working, at least not on the iPhone.

Booooly! HD is as good as Booooly! ever was, but a year later with all kinds of new physics puzzlers and newer spins on matching games, it doesn’t really stand out anymore.

Booooly! HD by NextApps Inc. screenshot

I found the game play a little too easy. My first time playing in about a year I made it to level 16 without losing a life.

And, while things do speed up, nothing new happens. After 30 minutes of play I was bored.

Nothing is wrong with the game. If were priced at $.99 like its iPhone counterpart I would be recommending it.

But, for a premium game cost, gamers want a premium experience. Until the developers add some new elements, Booooly! HD does not warrant the price.

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