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Don't Get Captured In Angry Rhino Rampage

Don't Get Captured In Angry Rhino Rampage

March 7, 2011
Angry Rhino Rampage by Milk Drinking Cow icon

Angry Rhino Rampage ($0.99) by Milk Drinking Cow is an obstacle-based game that takes place in the African savannah. Players navigate through the game by jumping over and charging through items. The user plays as a rhino on a rampage. The theme of the game: you are an upset rhino, with poachers trying to hunt you down. You’re really upset, and are going to destroy everything.

Angry Rhino Rampage by Milk Drinking Cow screenshot

The controls are relatively simple; there are two; the jump button and the charge button. Neither requires complicated manipulation such as tilting or turning your device. Nor does the game use any kind of special swipes or gestures, just tapping. Users will try to charge through fruit carts and helicopters while avoiding gaps and piles of rocks.

I've never known a pile of rocks could be dangerous until now. Maybe spikes would be dangerous, or fire, or an enemy, but not rocks. So be aware of this when playing.

Multiple levels are not offered; instead the game is played continuously until the user runs out of lives. The only objective is a higher score. There are many games on the app store like this, though this one lacks much variety. Users can expect the same obstacles and enemies throughout the game.

Using the word “Angry” before an animal in a title will probably draw the most attention for this game. With the recent success of “Angry Birds,” angry-anything seems to draw users in. However, don’t let Angry Rhino Rampage fool you. Though the graphics are sharp and the gameplay is smooth, the game has nothing new to offer.

Overall, you should avoid this title; despite the similarity the title shares with “Angry Birds.” Unless you’re eager for random rhino facts, or have a personal vendetta for poachers, avoid this one.

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