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Challenge Your Brain In This Fast Paced Puzzle Game: Look Again!

Challenge Your Brain In This Fast Paced Puzzle Game: Look Again!

March 26, 2011
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Look Again! ($1.99) by Smappsoft is a fast paced puzzle game, where users must challenge their brain by attempting to quickly recognize outlines and shapes. That doesn’t sound as exciting as other recent titles such as Infinity Blade or the new Angry Birds, however don’t be fooled. Look Again can be very addictive and quite a challenge.

Look Again! by Smappsoft screenshot

The concept is simple; you’re given several shapes and patterns in squares surrounding one picture. Two pictures are combined from the several to create one; your job is to decipher which two of the two pictures it is. It seems simple enough, but your options are very similar. Users will find the same image flipped or rotated several times in their options. This adds an extra element of difficulty to the game. Each level has a specific number of puzzles users must solve in a set time frame.

As you advance through the game, levels become progressively harder. Images are more elaborate and skewed, making it easier to become confused and lost in an image. All the while this is a great test of your eyesight and visual puzzle solving abilities. The developers have done a great job of overlapping similar images to blend and mislead you.

Look Again might not be filled with the latest 3D graphics, but with over 250 levels and 300 shapes, it's safe to say the replay value is infinite. Users can even create randomly generated levels, not to mention the original soundtrack playing in the background.

Overall, if you’re into the “retro style art deco vibe” or really enjoy brain teasers, Look Again is for you. With Game Center integration full of achievements and leader boards it’s sure to keep anyone entertained.

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