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Is Collision Effect The Most Hectic Game Ever?

Is Collision Effect The Most Hectic Game Ever?

March 11, 2011
Collision Effect puts you in control of a particle collider. Various colored particles float on screen, and the particles always come in groups. You tap a particle to attract the same colored particles to the one you tapped. If different colored particles touch, you lose instantly, and you only are allowed one mistake per game.

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Collision Effect is very high risk, because you can lose with just one wrong move. As soon as you tap a particle, the similar particles take a straight line to the one you tapped. This mechanic requires you to think about which particular particle to tap for the others not to run into anything. To make things more challenging, you need to make split second decisions because of the rapid pace of the game. Particles are flying around the screen, and it is extremely hectic managing all the particles. Due to the tremendous action on screen, you really need well-made controls. Luckily, a single tap mechanic is the perfect control scheme to manage all the action. Collision Effect is similar to GeoSpark, but GeoSpark uses a line drawing mechanic. The tapping controls are essential for the fast paced nature of Collision Effect. To challenge yourself more and rack up the points, you can make combos. When you cause collisions at the same time, you get a combo, but the timing has to be practically instantaneous. There are power-ups as well that are a definite joy to see once you’re overrun by particles. The three difficulties in action mode are substantially different and add variation. The addition of a puzzle mode also offers a lot of bang for your buck. The particle engine is extremely well done with shiny trails left behind each particle. The black screen is soon overloaded with colors, and it's a great sight to see. Collision Effect ($0.99, Universal) is a perfect game for fans of hectic action. The game gets your adrenaline pumping with the speed of the particles and the combos. There is a surprising amount of replay because the game keeps you hooked to play one more time to better your last score. Collision Effect is a should buy for only $1 and is a definite adrenaline rush.

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