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Create A Creature With Make A Monster HD

Create A Creature With Make A Monster HD

March 3, 2011
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Make A Monster HD ($1.99) by Appdicted is a fun new app, it's the iPad native version of the popular Make A Monster iPhone app. It lets you create an endless assortment of hilarious monsters, and lets your turn yourself, and your friends into creepy creatures too.

This app offers endless possibilities for monster fans to dress up photos with all sorts of funny and scary objects, or you can create a whole scene of monsters in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

The interface is really well thought out and easy to use. It is the only app of it’s kind that I have seen that not only allows you to resize and rotate items, but you can do so from anywhere on the screen.

This flexibility allows you to easily shrink items and move them to precisely the right place or angle, while still allowing you to see the background. This gives you uncanny precision when adding small details.

Switching between elements is easy. Just double tap on the object and move it anywhere on your screen.

Make A Monster HD by Appdicted screenshot

Make A Monster HD offers a ton of features; it is clear the developer took time before submitting this app, because these are features often overlooked by similar apps.

First choose from a small selection of cute backgrounds, or pick one from your photo album.

Once you have your background, there are 144 bodies, eyes, mouths and props with which to play. They are included in the purchase price. The developer assures me even more are on the way.

Like a good photo editing app, Make a Monster HD lets you change the orientation of your final product and allows you to adjust the color of all the pieces.

The integrated Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail sharing options are easy to find and use, and they are well integrated into the app. It also lets you save your project right to the iPad photo album.

Make A Monster HD by Appdicted screenshot

Aside from looking forward to more backgrounds, I do wish the app would allow you to import pictures not only as backgrounds, but also as objects.

If the app used the iTunes file sharing feature you could upload your own clip art and cutout photos to mix and match with all the funky included elements.

Make A Monster HD is so jam-packed with creative possibilities and so easy to use, it will be an app you go back to over and over. It’s just too much fun to "creepify" your friends. You just won't be able to put it down for long.

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