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Game Of The Day: iStunt 2 - Snowboarding Adrenaline Rush

Game Of The Day: iStunt 2 - Snowboarding Adrenaline Rush

March 13, 2011
Miniclip has a string of hits with Fragger, Gravity Guy, Apache Overkill, and now iStunt 2. All have reached the Top 25 paid apps at one time or another. Miniclip has done a good job in porting their web based flash games to iOS, partly because they have changed the whole control scheme of their computer games to fit with iOS. And iStunt 2 is no different. You simply tilt your device and swipe the screen to control a snowboarder who is able to perform all kinds of stunts.

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The Good

There is never a dull moment in iStunt 2 as you're blazing down the mountainside. Every level gives you an insane layout that requires you to flip 360 degrees as you snowboard on the mountain tops. Gravity is thrown out the window as you snowboard upside down, enter anti-gravity areas, and collect special items that flip gravity. As you're speeding along you never know which way is up, but at the same time, you never feel lost or confused. The game has such smooth controls to perform flips and to align the snowboard with the upcoming curve of the mountain. There are still plenty of ways to die, but luckily you can restart instantly at checkpoints throughout the levels. Every level plays differently, and there are 42 in total which offer a lot of play time. Another great aspect is the difficulty factor which increases at a perfect rate for all players to enjoy each level. In iStunt 2 you always have the choice to just finish the level or try for risky tricks. There are also stars to collect which are in hard to reach areas, but both the tricks and stars boost your score. The game is nicely polished in every regard to further enhance the gameplay.

The Bad

You will become frustrated when playing iStunt 2 because you die so often. The instantaneous restarts at checkpoints will subdue your frustration though. The set up of the checkpoints does have a negative side. The best aspect of the game is not knowing what's coming next. With the checkpoints you can replay a segment over and over until it becomes routine. Once you get about 10 levels in, the game can feel like a chore. You know how to complete the level, but it's a lot harder to actually do it. After a couple of tries you know every curve of the mountain, but you just make little mistakes. Also the game is rather strict when it's a close call between wiping out, and staying upright. That just means you'll be losing that much more.

The Verdict

If you like fast paced games with a ton of action then iStunt 2 ($0.99, iPhone) is for you. Not only is the game fast, but you never know what is coming next. Also iStunt 2 increases the difficulty at a slow pace, and has checkpoints for all iOS owners to enjoy playing. The game controls very well and is nicely designed in most regards. If you like a game where you do less thinking and just react, then you'll love iStunt 2. It's one of the best stunt based games, and a should buy for only $1.

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