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GDC 11: Death Rally is Almost Ready to Blow You Away!

GDC 11: Death Rally is Almost Ready to Blow You Away!

March 5, 2011
We were at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco all week, and we got to talk to some of the best developers in the industry. We saw a lot of cool stuff, and were excited to learn that there will soon be an arcade classic headed to an iOS device near you. Remedy Games is bringing the classic top-down arcade racer, Death Rally, to iOS. The original game from 1996 has been completely transformed and is looking to deliver an unrivaled iOS experience. The game has been designed with the help of the team at Mountain Sheep, the developers behind Minigore. The most similar iOS game to Death Rally that is currently available on the App Store is Reckless Racing, but in our brief hands-on, Death Rally looks so much better. The first thing you notice about this new iOS version of Death Rally are the amazing graphics and effects, and true to the original, the game is a hectic free-for-all to the finish line. The game is more than just a race, as you have all kinds of weaponry strapped to your car that enable you to blast opponents out of your way. Once you destroy them, they're out of the race. It's tons of fun to fire on opponents until they explode. With the unique weaponry and plenty of switchback tracks, you're never truly out of a race, nor truly comfortable in the lead. The game uses a virtual joystick for steering, one button for firing, and gameplay is fluid and smooth. And if this wasn't fun enough, Death Rally isn't just an arcade racer...there is a 4+ hour campaign mode included. All told, there are four main tracks, and about 30 different challenges. Every race pits you against five opponents, and you earn money to upgrade your car and buy new weapons. The game is based on their old IP and will feature special guests, including Duke Nukem, Barry Wheeler from Alan Wake, and the Golden Eagle from Angry Birds. Remedy Games plans to release an iPhone and iPad version with competitive pricing and we got word that Death Rally will be submitted to the Apple for App Store approval in about two weeks. Death Rally looks great, and is one to definitely keep your eyes peeled for.

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