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GDC 11: Hands On With Machine Gun Jetpack - Imagine An Awesome-er Version Of Monster Dash

GDC 11: Hands On With Machine Gun Jetpack - Imagine An Awesome-er Version Of Monster Dash

March 8, 2011
Halfbrick Studios could just rest on their laurels with great titles like Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, and Age of Zombies. Luckily for us, they’re not doing that, and their next game is Machine Gun Jetpack. In the game you exclusively use the Machine Gun Jetpack power-up from Monster Dash. It’s one touch gaming: you simply tap and hold to power the jet pack. Machine Gun Jetpack brings Barry Steakfries back for more endless action. We got some hands on time with the game, and we couldn’t help but love it. The game is super easy to control as you tap, hold, and release your finger to balance the height of Barry Steakfries and maneuver through all kinds of obstacles. There are rotating electrical fields, moving lasers, and missiles to avoid. It’s all about precision as you precariously raise and drop height to dodge everything on screen. The next danger is always ahead, but luckily there are power-ups at your disposal. You can use the Gravity Suit, classic Badass Hog, a giant mech suit called Lil’ Stomper, and the Crazy Freaking Teleporter. There are coins to collect as well which can be redeemed in the upgrade shop. You can buy cosmetic upgrades like new outfits and hats, or a more powerful jetpack, and even shields. The upgrade shop adds a lot to replayability because many items can improve your performance. Machine Gun Jetpack isn’t just another endless game because of the challenge and the over the top theme and style. The game really makes you feel anxious because there are so many ways to lose. There are also special coins to collect that give you a slot machine bonus at the end of your run. You can win the chance to continue your game, earn bonus coins, or special items. It's just another feature to keep you coming back to Machine Gun Jetpack like you have been doing with Fruit Ninja. The game isn’t expected until summer, but we are already blown away. Halfbrick looks like they have another hit on their hands. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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