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GDC 11: Mini Motor Racing

GDC 11: Mini Motor Racing

March 9, 2011
With so many great games during GDC, it can be difficult for developers to get their games noticed. One game that stood out to us was Mini Motor Racing by The Binary Mill, the developers behind Assault Squadron ($0.99). Mini Motor Racing is a top down, 3D isometric racer similar to Reckless Racing, only better looking and with a faster pace. We got a brief hands on, and found the game to be effortless to pick up and start speeding around the track. There are four customizable control options to allow anyone to handle all the switchbacks of every track. There are over 20 tracks that you discover through the campaign mode that contains five multi-race cup events. There are also night versions of each track, and other various lighting effects. The 3D graphics engine is superb for each car and every racetrack. The game features a deluxe physics engine for realistic collisions. There are four vehicle types, and each one has four upgradeable categories. You earn money for every race you play, whether you win or lose. The more money you earn the more you can continually upgrade your car. Four player local multiplayer is included, and Game Center online multiplayer is in the works. The entire game is a hectic rush to the finish line with challenging tracks and opponents. Mini Motor Racing was tons of fun in our hands on, and we can't wait to play more. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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